Brief Introduction of Beijing Plant Protection Station

Established in the spring of 1951, Beijing Plant Protection Station (BPPS) is a public institution supervised by Beijing Municipal Agriculture Bureau. By the end of 2003, BPPS has 53 academic staff. They are 39 junior qualification holders and 16 senior qualification holders. The main responsibilities are:

1.Monitoring and prediction pests of cereals, vegetable, cash crops and forage; extension of the techniques of pest management; and computer network construction and management.

2.Domestic plant quarantine of imported and exported plant materials.

3.Pesticides registration; pesticide quality and security management; pesticide residue detection, pesticide commercials permission, new pesticide test and demonstration trials, and techniques extension.

4.Enforcement of < Pesticide Management Regulations > and < Plant Quarantine Rules >.

5.Analysis and management of and biodisaster.

BPPS won a great deal of achievements in the agriculture science since it came into being. BPPS obtained 65 awards in total at different levels, which are 2 national prizes, 6 provincial awards, 21 Grade II Awards and 38 are Grade III Awards.

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